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Article on Technology

  • Technology 

    Technology is coming from Greek word  techne means skills art  and logy means modification. The word technology can also be said as a collections of techniques .Today humans can solve his every problem with technology. Weather we wants to achieve anything or we wanted a solution  then technologies give us a solutions Technologies are the important factor for our past, present and future. As we all are little bit aware of technologies. We are in 2013 and we are already enough depends on technologies. Technology provides us everything to our hand at a moment.

    With the help of it human can do anything. This was look like as a dream in the history. Human can travel from one country to another in few hours. Even human can talks thousands of kilometers through this without going to locations we can find out the status of location. We can find out the weather condition of our seasons step asides. Technology is becomes the daily needs of humans life. We eat with technology ,we sleep with technology we move with technology, we work with technology, 24x7 we live with technology humans can travelled to moon with the help of technology. Technologies give us a opportunity to stay connected with our love one 24x7 anytime we wanted to chat talk. Use of technologies is not new. Human can use it in the form of simple tools. Present technology give us a internet, telephone vehicles through which we can communicated to thousand of kilometer. Even humans can make his own destruction technology in the form of nuclear bombs.

    Technologies is affected our surroundings and societies.  No one knows Technologies improves us or destroyed us . Technologies can be used to solve a real time problem technology can solve problem of math science or art. The space among science and technology is not always clear..  Science  is the  research or study of phenomenon, expected at invention enduring values among element of the world by employ a proper technique technology be not normally an fully products of science, since they have to prove  requirements such as effectiveness   usability and security.

    A lot of technological processes create unnecessary by-products, well-known as pollution, and exhaust natural resources, to the damage of Earth's atmosphere. a range of implementations of technology control the value of a humanity and latest technology frequently raise latest fair question. example contain the increase of the idea of efficiency in provisions of human efficiency, a term initially apply only to equipment, as well as the confront of conventional norm.

    Many technical process generate avoidable by-products, well-known as pollution and reduces natural resources, to the damage of Earth's surroundings a variety of implementations of technology manipulate the value of a humanity and new technology frequently raise new decent question. example consist of the increase of the conception of effectiveness in terms of human being efficiency, a phrase initially useful only to machinery, and the confront of conventional norm.

    Theoretically debate has arise better than the nearby and future use of technology in society, with disagreements over whether technology improve the human being situation or worsen it.  Continuous technical progress  as useful to humanity and the human being situation. in fact, in recent times, it was supposed that the progress of technology was controlled only to human , although modern scientific study show that other primates and certain dolphin communities  have developed easy tools and educated to  the awareness to other generation.

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